One of the most controversial questions has been whether the sports tape really works or not. Well, the answer for most people is yes. However, experts have recommended that they need to do more research to determine whether these bandage tapes effectively work or not.


There has been a significant difference between the sports tape, and that is why you should be careful with it. Different studies conducted with people showed some positive results and some negative results. However, the taping, when used with manual treatment, seems to offer the most effective treatment.


Should you tape it always?

Although, as a sportsperson, you think it is convenient to apply the tape around always, it is not. There are certain conditions under which you cannot use the adhesive tapes. Some of the prominent terms in which you cannot use these include the following.


Open wounds

Applying an adhesive bandage over the wounded area can increase the chances of skin damage. In most cases, it has often led to a skin infection.


Active cancer

Cancer is one deadly disease. You might not know whether you have cancer or not. Applying these bandage tapes will eventually lead to the cancerous growth of cells. This can, however, prove to be deadly.



People who have diabetes should strictly refrain from using bandage tapes. The reaction of the tape may not be noticeable in certain areas of the body, which will eventually prove to be harmful.


Lymph node removal

If you apply these tapes around the areas of surgery, there are high chances of swelling. Patients who underwent lymph node removal surgery should strictly refrain from using these tapes, which can eventually prove to be deadly.



If you are prone to allergies, you should strictly prefer avoiding the adhesives. The application of adhesives will eventually lead to a strong reaction, which can be extremely harmful.


Fragile skin

If you have sensitive skin and it is prone to tearing very commonly, you shouldn’t be putting tape on it. This is usually because when you remove the tape, the skin will easily get tattered, which is very harmful.


Deep vein thrombosis

Too much blood flow around a certain part of the body can lead to blood clots. However, the blood clots when they witness extreme blood flow, it can eventually dislodge and erupt.


It is often suggested to get in touch with professionals to determine the best way of treating the problem. Experts can be of great help.