Imagine running your business without leads. Impossible, right? Smart lead management software can make your business communication better and effective. When you reach out to people in masses it sees a significant leakage. Targeting people who satisfy certain parameters of your business is a smarter move. It will help you in lesser lead leakage and give you high-quality leads that are practical. 


Managing small leads while starting a business is no big deal, but when you begin to scale, your sales team won’t be able to keep up with all the leads. That’s when a lead management system helps you. It manages all your leads constantly and equally from starting till the end. It helps both the sales and marketing team to work together Lead generation spans across different methods today, therefore it is critical to have an effective system to track, manage, and communicate with the leads. 


Do you know that 50% or more of your leads aren’t going to want to talk to your sales team despite a follow-up? Well, many of them never will. It’s due to the lack of effective communication and a lead management strategy. A good lead management system helps you to capture and manage leads, nurture them with personalized campaigns, and prepare them for the sales team.


Responding to your prospects is becoming increasingly important, and if you don’t engage with them when they’re interested, chances are they’re going to bounce off. Cofactor’s product, Teleduce will always nurture, score, and manage the leads for you. It notifies you of incoming chats and you can assign a specific chat to a salesperson or to a group based on certain conditions. This ensures that the right leads are assigned to the right representative. 


Some of the highlight features of a strong lead management system include:


  • Get contact information of your leads at your fingertips.


  • Offers a 360-degree view on your prospect’s perspective.


  • It allows you to interact with the leads to forge a long-term relationship.


  • Lets you measure your performance through effective lead management.


  • Lets you streamline and optimize your sales effort.


With the right tool, you can track and manage all your leads’ activities. By having all lead information readily accessible and categorized by different lifecycle stages, you’ll be able to close deals and provide an excellent customer service experience. It is absolutely crucial for any business to eliminate unnecessary dead-end leads to fully optimize your lead campaigns. Many businesses forget to re-engage old leads or existing customers, well that can be a nightmare for your business. It takes its toll on the number of leads generated. 

An advanced lead management system like Teleduce will enable you to retarget customers at the click of a button. Do you want your business to experience the best lead management software? Expect zero lead leakage, managing, and nurturing your leads.