Things You Can Do To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety is a worry, nervousness or unease about future events and difficulties. We all have been got hit with anxiety at some point or the other in our life and it is a natural response to an anticipated stressor. Here are some things you can do to overcome anxiety. 

Cognitive Distortions 

Recognizing ones faulty thinking models helps you to take the first step in dealing with the anxiety as we tend to focus on the negatives by maximizing them and decreasing all the positives in our lives.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Since anxiety leads to physiological effects as well, progressive muscle relaxation helps to stabilize those effects that we experience. Do palm clenching exercise and others. 

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing practices help us to calm down our racing ideas and feel focused rather than feel confused with the chaos of rushing decisions.

Sharing with close ones

Sharing is clear, Sharing worries with the loved ones can help you gain different perspectives regarding the same and help you think clearly and manage your anxiety.

Physical Activity and Exercise 

Engaging in physical exercise helps to channelize the nervous energy productively and it releases endorphins in our body or what we call happy hormones which reduce the level of the stress hormone cortisol thereby elevating our mood. 

Penning Our Worries Down

Writing your thoughts help you understand the current situation and make you look at the big picture and gain a holistic outlook towards our present concerns.

 Setting SMART goals

Make your goal Small, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound AKA SMART goal this will help you use your energy in the right place. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Start practising be mindfulness that will help you feel less stressed and make you feel more focused and calm.

We hope all by adding these points you can manage your anxiety. If you think you need help to deal with then you can also take professional help as a counselor. If you got a busy schedule then there is also an option for the online session on phone chat or video calling with a counsellor like online counselling.